Milton Keynes Plasterboard and Ceiling Plaster

Our client owns a 300 year old cottage in need of a ceiling repair, we pulled the old ceiling down and installed a new plasterboard ceiling, skimmed and smoothed the surface in preparation for painting.

Milton Keynes Plasterboard Ceiling 2019

The ceiling was made from lime and stone. First of all perfect colours painting and decorating covered the area using dustbusters sheets and protective plastic to provent dust spreading around the customers house covering any furniture in the room the same way.

300 Year Old Cottage Ceiling Repair

Essentially we had to pull down, plasterboard and plaster a 300 year old cottage ceiling that started to crumble and break away in places.

Dust Preparation and Protection

We equipped ourselves with a dust masks to prevent inhaling any bad toxins a pair of protective googles to prevent lime and stone damaging our eyes and protective groves to help protect our hands Most the ceiling was blown so we pulled bits of it down using our hands and the parts that were better stuck had to be hit with a hammer to loosen it from the beach wood it was stuck to.

When it was all down Perfect Colours painting and decorating chipped away the remaining bits of limestone in the corners and edges of the ceiling using a chisel and hammer. Then we set about painting and decorating cleaned the limestone and beachwood putting on in rubble sacks swept and got rid of any mess made.

Plasterboard – Ceiling Wooden Beams

Step two was applying the sheets of plasterboard to the wooden beams on the ceiling to do that we cut the boards to size and screwed the boards to the beams using plasterboard screws making the screws a few inches apart for better strength then we had another tidy up and got ready for plastering.

Plastering To Prevent Future Cracks

To plaster first we had to use joining tape (skrim) to stick where the plasterboard meets another board and over the screw heads to help prevent cracks in the future
We used gypsum thistle multifinish plaster and cold water in a mixing bucket filling the bucket half full and using about 3/4 a bag of plaster and mixed it using a electric mixer until it was at a good consistency for plastering the ceiling. Once the plaster was ready using a bucket trowel we scooped plaster onto a halk whats used for holding the plaster on then using a mediflex trowel started applying the bottom coat on the ceiling starting in a corner and making your way to the other side keeping a level coat of plaster making sure all the joins and any other gaps are filled.

Two Coats of Plaster and Skimming

Then we flattened it down and left it until its just start to set then mix up more plaster for the second coat and repeat the process only this time when the plaster starts to set keep flattening it over and over using the mediflex trowel until its hardening making sure there isn’t any high spots or indents on the ceiling and keeping the edges smooth and tidy.

We then swapped trowel to the plaziflex trowel whats made from plastic this trowel help to give the plaster and nice shiny finish and removes any trowel marks.

Following all of this we have a tidy up with the hoover and wipe down with a wet cloth ready for perfect Colours Decorating to come back and paint.

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