Milton Keynes Painter and Decorator COVID Update May 2020

Milton Keynes Painter and Decorator COVID Update

Perfect Colours Decorating back to work following the government’s announcement about COVID-19 lockdown. This is about how it has affected us and how we will move forward to work with the Corona Virus still in full force.

Family Painting and Decorating Small Business

We as a small family business have not been working from the start of lockdown the same as many businesses but we can now go back to work following the government guidelines on working safe.

Does this mean we will have work will customers want you in there house will we want to work in houses not knowing where and what customers get up in the spare time and who they have been seeing?

Customer Care Corona Virus Recommendations

As it stand the phone has been very quiet but hopefully it will start to pick up as we start to beat this horrible virus and move forward to getting back to normal.

If and when it picks up and we start quoting jobs again when we go thought the job with customers we ask that only be with 1 person and not a family (please keep kids and elderly in another room)if possible before we come if you could send a detailed description of what you want doing in each room so we don’t need to be in contact with anyone.

We can go though that on the phone or via email.   All size jobs quoted for, call/text on 07814 505313 for free advice or use our online Contact Form.

Milton Keynes Handyman Painter Decorator Interior Design Broughton Home Office May COVID 2020

Social Distancing and Zero Contact – We Bring Our Own Mugs and Kettle

When we are working in customers houses we will not be in the same room as them and Perfect Colours Decorating will stay in one room and that will be the one we are working in. we will sanitize hands on entering the house and when we leave we will use and bring ill own kettle and cups so no need to enter another room to make a tea (most important part of the day). Working outside will be safer for us and customers so if possible, we will prioritize outside work to keep all safe that’s both me and the customer. We hope all customers understand the situation and we hope they all stay safe in this hard time.

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