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Painting and Decorating in Milton Keynes

Welcome to our first blog post! Every month we will write about one of our fabulous customers so you can get a feel for how we work with our clients and how passionate we are about delivering perfect results in the perfect colours.

Milton Keynes Painter and Decorator - Perfect Colours

When we get to the job, we are starting that day whether it be a Monday or Wednesday we like to start with a cup of tea. When we turn up to the job, we will interduce the team to the customer and go though the work that we will be completing. We start with getting all the paint and materials out the van and put them in I suitable place that suits the customer and perfect colours decorating.


Painting and Decorating Preparation

Preparation is the most important part or the job this is the foundation to getting the best results/finish. We start by covering anything that is left in the room with plastic and a dust sheet for best protection and cover up the floor with dust sheets as well to protect the floor from paint or dust.

Filling In Walls

Following that we start by sanding the walls down to get any lumps and bits left in the paint from last time it was painted. We sand and fill all cracks and dents that we will be painting over whether that be the ceiling or walls.

As you can see in this job, we had to fill 12 holes left by spot lights but this was agreed in the quotation prior to work starting.

After we have given it time to dry ready for sanding it is then sanded down ready for painting and perfect colours decorating will caulk out skirting and door frames where needed before before painting starts. Preparation can be very time consuming put it has to be done correct for the perfect finish.

Dulux Emulsion Paint

We then start by painting the ceiling with a Dulux white supermatt emulsion going around any lights and edge of the room with a brush and a mini roller for best results followed by rolling the ceiling, this was done twice (2 coats) for best results and long-lasting finish.

Following the completion of the ceiling we then go on to the walls and we start by cutting in the tops of the wall with a paint brush and cutting in the bottoms and side of the wall where needed with a brush and mini roller this was done twice. On this job we used a dulux trade emulsion misty mirror 5 litres were enough to complete this job with 2 coats.

We then go on to the woodwork skirting boards, door, door frame and windowsill - we start by sanding with an 80-grit sandpaper. We will then pick up all the dust sheets and then Perfect Colours Decorating will clean ... starting with a good hoovering and dusting down ready for us to mask up the carpet so no paint will get on it when we start painting the undercoat followed by one coat of satin wood.

We used a Johnstones trade undercoat and satin wood on this job and Perfect Colours Decorating find this one of the best products on the market for best results and long-lasting finish. Once the stain has dried enough for us to remove the masking tape that’s comes up and one last check.

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painter decorator Milton Keynes decorating company commercial domestic painting wallpaper handyman - 2

Job complete and all materials used are put back in the van and we have one very happy customer.

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